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                 By Frederick Hohman, AGO Committee on Continuing Professional Education


Lesson 1: A Pianist’s First Steps in Transitioning to the Organ 
Lesson 2: The Architecture and Layout of the American Pipe Organ
Lesson 3: Coupling Organ Divisions
Lesson 4: Swell Pedals & Dynamic Expression
Lesson 5: An Introduction to Pedaling & Organ Music Scores
Lesson 6: Families of Organ Tone 
Lesson 7: Mixture & Mutation Stops 
Lesson 8: Registrations for Contemplative & Jubilant Hymns 
Lesson 9: General & Divisional Pistons 
Lesson 10: The Crescendo Pedal 
Lesson 11: Does the Shoe Fit? Organ Shoes & Bench Height 
Lesson 12: The Basics of Pedal Technique 
Lesson 13: DIY: Adding Pedals 
Lesson 14: DIY: Varying Your Organ Registrations (See also A Mini-Course in Basic Organ Registration)
Lesson 15: DIY: Using Time & Touch to Shape Melody 
Lesson 16: DIY: Reharmonizing Your Hymns 
Lesson 17: DIY: Key Modulations: When, Why & How 
Lesson 18: DIY: Using Registrations to Illustrate Hymn Texts 
Lesson 19: Choosing and Using a Pedal Point
Lesson 20: Creative Use of Limited Pedaling in Hymns 
Lesson 21: An Introduction to Hymn Meter and the Metrical Index 
Lesson 22: Choosing Alternate Hymn Texts and Tunes by Examining Meter 
Lesson 23: Adapting Folk and Guitar Music to the Organ 
Lesson 24: Bridging Gaps During Communion Services 
Lesson 25: Variety in Hymn-Playing, Regardless of Instrument Size
Lesson 26: How to Use MIDI Functions on Organ Consoles
Lesson 27: How to be an Excellent Substitute Organist
Lesson 28: Getting Around on the Hammond Organ
Lesson 29: Determining Your Pedaling in Organ Literature
Lesson 30: Answers to Some Important Questions






Organ Fundamentals (1972)  Longer version, but poorer quality -  Vintage video with Alexander Schreiner, Douglas E. Bush, and Trudy Barnes "Provides an introduction to the organ - the keyboard, pedal board, and stops. Offers instruction on effective organ playing, including manual technique and pedal technique."


Tabernacle Organ 101 (2014) Richard Elliott, principal Tabernacle organist, introduces the various components that make up the Tabernacle organ on Temple Square.


A Church Organist's Primer Part I: Manual and Pedal Technique (1990s) "Sally Cherrington explains and demonstrates the basic elements of manual technique, pedal technique and notation, understanding console controls, and playing hymns and the liturgy" on the Allen organ.

A Church Organist's Primer Part II: Registration  Sally Cherrington introduces the student to the art of selecting stops appropriate to a wide variety of organ literature from various historical periods and traditions.

A Church Organist's Primer Part III: Hymn Accompaniment  Salley Cherrington "introduces the student to accompaniment techniques for a wide variety of hymnody from traditional to gospel to contemporary. Examine a variety of hymnals for major denominations. Learn secrets to indexes cross-referencing subject, author, composer, and source. Find out what works and what doesn't in leading group singing. Discover a wealth of source materials for a rebirth of congregational singing in your church. Even pianists and other keyboardists will learn valuable skills."






Come, Thou Fount of Every BlessingRichard Elliott, arr. Dale Wood


Epic Halloween Organ Solo - Toccata in D Minor – (2017) Richard Elliott


We Three Kings (Organ Trio) – (2016) Tabernacle organists Richard Elliott, Andrew Unsworth, and Clay Christiansen – Christmas Concert





Abide with Me, ‘Tis Eventide  Alena Hall at the University of Utah Libby Gardner Concert Hall.


All Creatures of Our God and King Alena Hall at the University of Utah Libby Gardner Concert Hall.


Behold, the Great Redeemer Die, (2017) arr. by Douglas E. Bush, performed by Jason Gunnell at the Christ the Light of the World Catholic Church in Duquesne, Pennsylvania


Come, Ye Children of the Lord (2017) Tabernacle organist Linda Margetts performs the Spanish melody "Come, Ye Children of the Lord," arranged by James C. Kasen. Episode 4596. Aired October 15, 2017.


How Firm a Foundation (2014) Tabernacle Organist Richard Elliott performs "How Firm a Foundation" by J. Ellis and arranged by Richard Elliott.  Episode 4402. January 26, 2014


Jesus Once of Humble Birth  Alena Hall at the University of Utah Libby Gardner Concert Hall.


Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee  Rob Stefanussen performs music from the organ repertoire on his Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ.   Arr. Robert Cundick


Joy to the World Let Earth Receive Her King! (Joy to the World) - Richard Elliott Organ Solo


Sweet Hour of Prayer Alena Hall at the University of Utah Libby Gardner Concert Hall.


The Spirit of God Alena Hall at the University of Utah Libby Gardner Concert Hall.


Where Can I Turn for Peace?  Alena Hall at the University of Utah Libby Gardner Concert Hall.


O My Father  Alena Hall at the University of Utah Libby Gardner Concert Hall.





French Documentary - "In the Belly of the Organ of Notre-Dame" - With English Subtitles - Olivier Latry

"Olivier Latry, organist of the Great Organ of Notre-Dame, takes us on a journey through the mechanism of his beloved companion, a musical instrument which has served as both witness and protagonist through history’s incredible twists and turns. Despite its religious function as intended by its builders and its service to composers through the centuries, the Great Organ Cavaillé-Coll has withstood the test of time, and ultimately reveals its absolute modernity…"

·         Standing the test of time: Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris (a history)


Organ Demo by George Fergus at Washington National Cathedral