Hymn Arrangements and Free Accompaniments


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Under each hymn name is a list of composers or arrangers who have written arrangements for that particular hymn, plus other information.  Here you can see what hymn arrangements are available.


Click on the composers name to find out about other pieces they have written, as well as publisher information, etc., or click on the link below to find a composer/arranger:



Composer/Arranger List


An alphabetical list of composers and arrangers.


By each name is listed various works, publisher, and other information.


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Music Publishers Information List


Here you will find ordering information of music publishers: i.e., addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and websites.



Sources of Information


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Trivia Corner


Ever wondered how many hymns were written by LDS authors and composers, how many were written by non-LDS authors and composers, or by both?   Here’s an analysis.



What is a Hymn?


Jesus hold staff.jpgAccording to the dictionary, a hymn is “a song of praise or honor to God,”  which should be our main motive and objective as organists—to honor and praise our Savior Jesus Christ through our music.


Basically, the hymn is made up of two parts--the text and the music. Both go hand in hand to help us express our worshipful thoughts and feelings towards our Savior, and to help the congregation feel this, too, as they sing.  Therefore, the text helps convey the message through poetic words, and the music helps create the feeling or nature of the hymn—from exuberant exaltation to quite introspection.


As organists, we deal mainly with the music, although understanding and applying the meaning of the words to what we are playing is all important. 


What is a Hymn Tune?


As we search for appropriate music to play for church, often we find titles of hymn arrangements or free accompaniments that we don’t recognize, but we are familiar with the tune.  These titles are most likely "hymn tunes," which may or may not have been written with a particular text in mind, and is the name the composer gave the music, and not necessarily the title the author gave the text. 


On page 401 of the LDS Hymnal, it states that a hymn tune "may come from a family name, a place, or a word relating to the text for which it was created."  Knowing what the tune name is for a hymn can help in planning your music from "published sources outside of the hymnbook for use as prelude music or special hymn accompaniments."  To help you find hymn tunes, see the list on right.




Contrary to what the term implies, a free accompaniment is NOT free music, so these pieces need to be purchased.  


Basically, a free accompaniment is an arrangement written in "free style" that is intended to be used with congregational singing on various verses of the hymn.


Text Box:  Usually, the congregation sings in unison when the free accompaniment is played. It is intended to be an added touch to inspire and enliven singing. 


However, use free accompaniments with caution. Make sure your priesthood leaders and the congregation know ahead of time what you are doing, or they will probably be confused as they sing.  Advanced notice on how to sing the hymn can be printed in the program: i.e., first and second verse, parts; third verse, unison--so that everyone is aware of how they will be singing.


(Wanting to have my own list of available hymn arrangements and free accompaniments for each hymn led me to compile this resource list in 1993. Click here for more information.   DeeAnn Stone)





Hymns and Hymn Tunes


Alphabetical list of LDS hymns and the corresponding hymn tune.  If you only know the name of the hymn, this list is helpful in finding the name of the hymn tune.



Hymn Tunes and Hymns


Alphabetical list of hymn tunes with the corresponding LDS hymn. 


If you have an arrangement that has a hymn tune title, this list is helpful in determining the name of the LDS hymn.



Hymns by Key


List of keys with corresponding LDS hymns.


When planning music for Church, it is helpful to know which key the hymns are in so that you can modulate from one key to another or play music with keys that are compatible. 



Hymn Texts


Alphabetical list of the texts of the LDS hymns. 


Having the text in mind is helpful in planning and playing the hymns.



Meters of the Hymns


A discussion of what meters are and how to use them in planning music.




An alphabetical list of various topics with corresponding hymns. 


Knowing which hymns fall under a given topic is helpful in planning music around a particular theme. 


Clicking on the title of the hymn will take you back to the list of arrangements and free accompaniments for that hymn.

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