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Primary Music Leader Helps

Compiled by DeeAnn Stone



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If youíre a Music Leader, you probably already know that serving and teaching the children in Primary is a rewarding and enriching experience!The youthful exuberance and inquisitive nature of children keep us on our toes, and as Music Leaders, we have a wonderful opportunity to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the children through song.Itís been said that through music and song we can learn and retain knowledge better than any other means.As we learn along with the children (yes, sometimes children can teach us a thing or two), we, therefore, should be ever mindful of that responsibility to teach them about our Savior and Heavenly Father, as we plan, prepare, and present our songs for Sharing Time in Primary.Through our own sincere study, prayer, and contemplation, the inspiration of what to do will come to us, as we diligently seek the will of the Lord.

To aid you in preparing and presenting your music, I have compiled a few ideas that I have accumulated throughout my years of serving in Primary that Iíd to share with you.Below you can click on links to clipart, song ideas, and flipcharts of my own and others.I also have links to other resources on the internet.














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As a help to organists and pianists, I have also created a resource list of organ and piano arrangements that are available for each of the songs in the Childrenís Songbook.


Click here to view the list.


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