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Resource List for Organists:
Arrangements & Accompaniments

of Hymns in the LDS Hymnal

(2019 Edition)


The 2019 eBook edition of “Resource List for Organists:  Arrangements & Accompaniments of Hymns in the LDS Hymnal” contains the latest updated list of hundreds of new titles added since the previous edition. 

To make it easier to find where to purchase hymn arrangement books or to find out more information about them, each title is linked to a publisher or distributor who sells the books (prices may change).   Some sites have samples of the music, both print and audio, and PDF downloads (to buy and are some free).

The eBook also has internal links to make navigating its more than 450 pages easier. 


PayPal buying options:

1.  The complete "Resource List for Organists" PDF eBook (459 pages) – $25.00 


·         "Arrangements and Accompaniments for Hymns in the LDS Hymnal"

·         "LDS Hymns by Key"

·         "'Children's Songbook Arrangements"

·         "Alphabetical list of Composers & Arrangers"
          …and other information.


Or to buy each of the sections separately, you can choose the following options:


2.  Only "Arrangements and Accompaniments for Hymns in the LDS Hymnal," and "LDS Hymns by Key" (176 pages) – $10.00

3.  Only "'Children's Songbook' Arrangements" (29 pages) – $3.00

4.  Only " Alphabetical list of Composers & Arrangers" (248 pages) – $12.00


Choose from the drop down menu below to find which option you prefer to purchase:

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After your payment is submitted, a PDF copy will be sent as an attachment to the email found on the PayPal e-receipt.

If you have any questions, please contact DeeAnn Stone.