Gayle Farnsworth - Utah Valley AGO Chapter Workshop - 11/07/02

(Notes taken by DeeAnn Stone)




         First of all, use shoes that make organ playing efficient.Do not use rubber soled shoes.Dance shoes work well.Organ Master shoes are what most organists use.


         At the bench, find the center of the pedalboard.Put your right foot on the swell box to help center yourself.Be in a place where you feel solid.


         Put your left foot on "c" and right foot on "g'


         To aid in finding pedal notes, keep knees and heels together.Spread toes.


         Donít' move legs up and down.Keep level.Play by rotating your ankles instead.


         Don't look at your feet.Keep your eyes on the music.


         Pass feet behind each other if necessary to play notes.


         Mark the hymn or piece with toe and heel symbols.Left foot markings below bass clef'; right foot markings above tenor line.


         On slow passages, you can use the gap method to find your place.(Gaps between black notes.)


         Mark and practice glissandos.


         Play on the inside of foot - on ball


         Can substitute feet like you do fingers.


         Always stay in the center of the organ.Pivot legs to play high and low notes.


         Recommended the method book by Gleeson "Methods of Organ Playing"
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