Ben Crandall - Utah Valley AGO Chapter Workshop - 11/07/02

Notes taken by DeeAnn Stone






Learn good fingering technique and then apply what you learn.


When first learning a hymn, practice the fingering--not the "hymn."


Method books teach:

1.    Direct fingering

2.    Redistribution - same as direct except taken alto with left hand

3.    Crossing - do scales to practice - use 5-1, 2-4 fingers up and down the scale

4.    Glissando - sliding from one key to the next

5.    Thumb glissando - use base of thumb - becomes a "sixth" finger

6.    Substitution - switch fingers


Know the techniques, know where to identify when to use, and then be able to do it.


When marking a hymn:

1.    Look for phrases

2.    In alto line - look for redistribution.  If you need to, write in the alto note on the tenor line if you can't read it from the treble clef

3.    Look for parallel sixths

4.    Look for repeated notes
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