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This website is a resource for organists to aid them in planning and preparing music for worship services,

and tips on learning how to play the organ.

There are also helps for Primary Music Directors.



Website launched: March 17, 1999

Latest updates: March 17, 2019


20TH Anniversary






to order the 2019 updated e-Book,


“Resource List for Organists: 

Arrangements & Accompaniments

of Hymns in the LDS Hymnal"


Compiled by DeeAnn D. Stone




Note: There are four ordering options available.


This eBook contains no printed music.


  Begun in 1993, this 2019 update has an extensive list (459 pages) of organ and piano hymn arrangements and accompaniments that can be used for preludes and postludes and congregational singing.


Listed alphabetically by hymn title and by composer/arranger,

they are linked to publishers and distributors.


A list of hymn keys is included in the eBook, as are arrangement lists for

songs from the "Children's Songbook."  




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